Prevent the need for over roofing or roof replacement in coming years.

This roof is suffering from cut edge corrosion. This happens to all metal roofs – the paint covering flakes and with normal weathering gradually peels back, in the case of this roof it’s in a quite advanced state. Once the paint has peeled back the unprotected metal sheet below is exposed to the elements allowing it to rust. The sheet will eventually rust through and require replacing which will be very expensive. By treating the lapse now it can prevent the need for over roofing or roof replacement in coming years.

Why does this happen?

The lifetime of a coated steel sheet may be defined as the time it takes to reach the stage where re-coating is necessary to preserve its performance or aesthetics and can be predicted using manufacturers’ projected performance data. It can be seen when the coating starts to fade, craze and/or delaminate or, on smooth finish coatings, when it starts to blister and spot corrode.

• UV exposure makes paint hard and brittle limiting its ability to expand and contact with the substrate, affecting adhesion & causing it to delaminate.

• Moisture laying on the surface can penetrate a coating causing discolouration, lifting and corrosion on a steel substrate.

• Important pigments added for colour, UV stability etc. are lost through chalking, a natural self-cleaning process where paint literally wears away

How to treat Cut Edge Corrosion

There are a number of products available to treat cut edge corrosion, the most well-known being Giromax Seamcil 100. This is a quick, easy and economic system to install.

All systems work in the same way, treat corrosion, seal the sheet over lap and prevent from further corrosion from happening.

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