Over roofing, gutter re-lining, roof light replacement and upgrading of insulation

Cost: £750,000

Time: 10 months

After acquiring this large industrial site on the outskirts of Manchester the landlord decided that a roof overhaul was inevitable. Roof Management worked with the contract administrator to develop a cost-effective plan to upgrade the very old and worn out roof.

The site had a mixture of slate, glass, asbestos cement and flat felt roofs. The roof site was split into 6 distinctive phases with each one presenting its own problems. The real issue however was that they were all fully occupied by tenants. With this in mind the enabling works became extremely difficult – all safety netting had to be completed via rope access at night which in itself brought its own set of difficulties.

As this site had been converted from a working plant to a mixed use tenancy, space was a premium. That meant some extreme scaffolding to facilitate the works whilst the site was fully operational. From a roofing point of view access was from either end of a 100 meter slope – each slope containing in the region of 17 tons of slate and glass that had to be carried to the end of the slope and lowered down to ground level.

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