Asbestos Roof Refurbishment

Cost: £35,000

Time: 6 weeks

Croxteth Hall is a Grade 2 A listed asbestos cement roof. This anomaly happened as Croxteth hall received it’s listed status circa 1960, however due to a large fire in the Queen Anne wing in the 50’s the roof was not replaced on a like for like basis as the insurance company expected.

Some fifty years later, the roof had long since expired. It was decided to refurbish the Queen Anne wing into a fully functioning hospitality suite due to the beautiful hall not having a wedding venue.

Before the refurbishement could take place, the area had to be made water tight. Due to the grade 2 listed status the asbestos could not be removed therefore a system had to be developed that could be installed below a very low parapet coping stone.

Due to the clearance available typical asbestos refurbishment systems could not be used. To combat this problem, RML developed an innovative and unique solution of installing a timber deck over the asbestos which was then waterproofed using a 2 layer self-adhesive mineral felt system. Once complete, the roof achieved a 20 year guarantee.

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